Update 0.527

Quite a few changes done:

  • A simple tutorial page will be shown to new players or after resetting the game. I hope this will prevent players from trying to click on anything in the game.
  • If you have progressed in the game, you won’t see the intro anymore when launching the game.
  • Gamepad sensitivity reduced. You can still change it within the game.
  • Hint delay decreased.
  • Fixed a bug in the inventory that caused the text to disappear after switching between languages.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the elevator to jump if the player was hammering the button.


harvester-of-dreams-episode-1-windows-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 0.527.0 Sep 22, 2018
harvester-of-dreams-episode-1-linux-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 0.527.0 Sep 22, 2018
harvester-of-dreams-episode-1-mac-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 0.527.0 Sep 22, 2018

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