Update 0.541: English voice acting completed and new puzzle!

This is the biggest update in a while.

  • Amazing voice actress Hannah Hellwig is now part of the English voice acting!
  • A new puzzle awaits you outside the ship. You don’t have to be a math geek to solve it.
  • Some intentional glitching added at the end. A bloody Halloween gimmick.
  • The cursor will now disappear during puzzles when you don’t need it.
  • And as always, some bugs crushed.


harvester-of-dreams-episode-1-windows-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 0.541.0 Oct 14, 2018
harvester-of-dreams-episode-1-linux-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 0.541.0 Oct 14, 2018
harvester-of-dreams-episode-1-mac-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 0.541.0 Oct 14, 2018

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