Update 0.545: Spanish and French subtitles

First iteration of the Spanish and French version of the game!

The interface, sub-titles and all puzzle related texts have been translated.

Please report issues if you will find any!

Other changes:

  • Improving menu navigation with the analogue stick.
  • Increasing walking speed when strafing.
  • Improving an issue of the macOS version that causes the camera to jump after leaving a menu.


harvester-of-dreams-episode-1-windows-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 0.545.0 Oct 25, 2018
harvester-of-dreams-episode-1-linux-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 0.545.0 Oct 25, 2018
harvester-of-dreams-episode-1-mac-stable.zip 1 GB
Version 0.545.0 Oct 25, 2018

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