Free Demo!

You can now try the game before you buy!

Download the free demo and enjoy the first part of the game.

Files 716 MB
Version 1.595.0 Jan 31, 2019 719 MB
Version 1.595.0 Jan 31, 2019 700 MB
Version 1.595.0 Jan 31, 2019

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Thanks for the demo. Becoming a rare thing these days for some genres. Also thanks for the Linux support !


Thank you for your feedback! I'm a huge fan of demos myself. There is no excuse for not offering one.

Have you noticed any issues? Did you use a gamepad?

I haven't noticed any bugs yet although I am still early into it. I am using a keyboard and mouse. Is there a way to turn subtitles off ?

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Ok, cool. You can turn off the subtitles in the settings menu -> language -> subtitles. However, you should keep them on during the second half of the game, as the voice over is not complete yet.